Interior Kit

Maintain your vehicle's interior with our Interior Kit which includes:

(1) 16oz Bottle Interior Ceramic Detailer

(1) 16oz Bottle pH Neutral All Purpose Cleaner

(1) Premium Edgeless Microfiber Interior Towel

Our Interior Ceramic Detailer is an effective, non-greasy detailer and conditioner that cleans and preserves interior surfaces without dust build-up. It is formulated with advanced ceramic technology to protect and enhance leather, vinyl, plastic and more. It is the perfect way to restore original luster to any interior.

Our powerful All Purpose Cleaner is made in the USA and formulated with a pH-neutral solution for maximum safety. It easily removes dirt, grime, and even road film from a variety of interior and exterior surfaces with no need for excessive scrubbing or elbow grease. Enjoy efficient cleaning with minimal effort.

The Premium Edgeless Microfiber Interior Towel is a perfect tool for cleaning delicate surfaces. Its soft and ultra-dense microfiber weave is non-abrasive, providing a gentle and gentle cleaning experience. With its edgeless design, the towel glides easily along curved and contoured surfaces, leaving a streak-free finish.

Keep your car looking pristine with our kit.



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